Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Hi guys!! Hope you all have been doing ok. It's been a slow start of blogging for me, the neverending gloomy days is just not helping and with sales still on, there isn't a better way to get yourself in good spirit then good retail therapy! Trust me its what keeps me going… think colourful thoughts, it's spring soon xo

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


(Photos by Heidi De Carvalho)
Greetings everyone!! As I said before I don't know if you still remember, but I'm very much into oversized silhouettes- especially this winter (oh! and black pumps). Being a slightly petite girl, yes ladies I'm only 5.1", but I'm sure you could tell, right? Most of the time its not easy finding items that fit my body frame, if its not in the arms, its on the legs, sometimes it can be both. In this case its definitely my arms. I believe altering an inch should do, right? I kind of like the length so I'm keeping it as it is. 
But, How is the new year treating you? Stay optimistic this year- new year, new you. who's stepping out of their comfort zone this year?  I know I am, I'll be making a few changes in my life too but I'll let you know more about this soon. For now enjoy the post xx

Friday, 2 January 2015


 (Photos by Heidi De Carvalho)
Happy new year everyone!! I hope we have all made it safely. Every new year we are given the chance to start over (perhaps try again)  and there is no greater feeling on earth then been given a second chance, therefore lets make it count. 
I wore this on boxing day for a day out to the cinema and since my lil sis is back home for a while, why not take advantage of her,  after all i read you all prefer it when she's behind the camera, which i don't get. It is because she makes me GLOW? lol anyways guys have a nice 2nd day of the new year and speak soon xx

Thursday, 25 December 2014


Hi everyone! I hope Christmas has been good at your end, I have been drinking, eating, burping and sleeping (on repeat) lol. Its that time of the year again- SALES!! Yah!!!! For some of us this time of  the year can bring a mixture of emotions either exciting and overwhelming but confusing at times.  I am not sure if you still remember, but once I said that when it comes to sales I would rather make smart investments which means, instead of running to visit the hight street stores first, I prefer to visit my favorite high end brands instead, Why? Because the biggest markdowns quite often apply to high end brands, which means you may find yourself paying as much as you would normally spend on a mid-range piece at full price, but it will be from a brand you love and turn into an item you will treasure.

I would advise you to plan ahead: if you already have something in mind such as your dream coat that you couldn't afford earlier in the season now is the time. Consider what you actually need, try to stick with what you have in mind already and don't randomly decide to look without having something specific in mind (it can be difficult but it can be done otherwise you will end up buying things you don't need). 

Think about what's coming next (S/S15): denim is strong this S/S 15 so time to ditch the skinny jeans and become accustomed to flares because the 70s are back baby. Midi skirts, dresses, sport luxe, prints (strips & floral) and crop tops are sticking around for next season and beyond. Try to buy pieces that will work with your current wardrobe and are true to your style.
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