*Styling Idieas*

 This first look is more for a night out in town with your girlfriend or for romantic dinner with your boyfried. As you can see ladies you don't need to show too much skin to be notice you can still turn heads by looking sophisticated and elegant. 
 This second look I would say its not for everyone its a more rock chick with an chick twist. what I love about this look again is that you can still be bold by having a touch of colour and be edge at same time. This look I selected from Asos at asos.com  
 As we know the 70s are back. Yes, ladies its back!!!  I must confess it's one of my Favourite trends from: the long wavy hair, to the oversize sun glasses, fur and accessories its just amazing how glamours and sophisticated  you can look. These two last looks speak for themselves. Whether, you are tall with beautiful long legs or short, gorgeous and petite, you can certainly find something out there for you.
I have selected this looks from ASOS and most of the looks I'm blogging about are some of my interpretations of  full/winter 2012 runway collections. This means you can get the runway looks for a fraction of the price.