*Look of the day* Blue and Magenta

Hello everyone, before anything else I must apologise for been absent for so long and the reason why is.... guess guys!!! Same old excuse Uni :-/.
I have been so busy guys that I had no time to blog...One more time accept my apologises. I have been shopping online lately and let me tell you guys that can become very addictive :) but, I have found some amazing pieces, that is the beauty of on-line shopping. I will show all of you everything i have purchase soon. Are you all having a good week? Hope you all are :). As for the outfit, its very blueish isn't it? Well, wearing a suit is not always boring- if just know how to choose the right one.  
Here are more photos for you to see...

I am wearing:

Suit from Reiss
Shirt from Reiss
Bag from Reiss
Shoes From Christian Louboutin 
Hat from Zara


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