*Look of the day* Gucci Ankle Boots

Hello everyone, just a quick post on what I wore today. I have been looking for a new digital camera, so I went camera hunting and from the one I have seen there are so any to choose from that I don't know if I should go for the looks or  features ...do any of you have any ideas?? I'll appreciate if you  have any suggestion on  what sort of camera would be best for me to get it. As for the look, this is just another way to wear this blue oversize shirt I've worn the other day :)...  Hope you all like it . I think the leather legging and ankles boots just adds an edgy look . 
Here are more photos for to see, enjoy it.

I was wearing:

Hat from Zara
Shirt from Reiss
Legging from Topshop
Birkin bag from Hermes
Ankle boots from Gucci

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