*Look of the day* Leopard Skin ..."Its an animal thing"

Hey guys as you can see I'm finally wearing my new Daff Booty from CL and I looooooove them a lot. They can be tight at first but will loss up eventually. I bought the dress a few month ago and you guys might not believe it.... but I still love it and so you guys know, I believe in recycling clothes I think clothes should be worn over and over again not just once. Even if its out of seasson if you wear it right you can still be asked the commum question " where did you get that?" ...  Enough of bla bla bla now, here are some more photos and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did ;)

I was wearing:

Dress from Aqua by Aqua
Belt from Zara
Necklaces from miss selfridge
Birkin Bag from Hermes
Sunglasses from Tom Ford

Have a good week guys and may God bless you all xoxo

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