*Look of the day* Floral Print

Hello lovely readers, this is just a quick post to show you what I was wearing today. Today me and my boyfriend spent some quality time together, and I was thrilled to be with him all day and relax. we watched a few movies and ate a lot of unhealthy food (perfect! what else can I ask for). As for the outfit, this dress have been seating in my wardrobe for almost two months, but now I'm finally wearing it. This look is my twisted interpretation of the 40s; the prints, the shoulder pads, and the socks give it a girly and femininity feel to the look. But, if you think this look is too much for you (its taken you out of your comfort zone) alternate it by, turn things down by wearing a red belt, black tights and black shoes this way you are still keeping things interesting and flattering :). A suggestion ladies, don't take things to seriously and have fun playing around with your cloth :) 

left to right:
Spikes bracelets from ASOS
White/Gold bracelet from KARA by Kara Ross
Ring from YSL
Trio rings from ASOS

I was wearing:

Dress from Vintage
Belt from Reiss
Socks from Zara
Shoes from Fendi 
Earring from ASOS
Bag from MIU MIU 

Have a lovely weekend 

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