*Look of the day* Celebrating Old-School Glamour

Hi everybody, I hope you all had a blessed week. First of all, let me say how thrilled I'm to notice that I have just got over 100 followers how great is that? THANK YOU SO MUCH. I guess a GIVEWAY would be the ideal way to celebrate this happy news with you guys (coming really soon).
Yesterday, me and my lovely boyfriend attended a Reiss event to celebrate the arrival of the new collection in the store and on our way we stopped by a local fair to snap some shoots. As for the things I'm wearing, I would describe it as Old-School Glamour with a twist. Underneath the fur coat I'm wearing a playsuit which keeps this look current, interesting and sexy.
You guys might not believe that this is my very first playsuit (YES FIRST!) :) I have never been a fan of playsuits and never paid any attention to them because; they don't have any "eye-cashing-factor". In my opinion, they're just plain and boring even if you accessorize it, I have never come a cross with  something that has an Oomph... until I saw this silk taryn last week. Some of you may say that I've happened to find it in the wrong time of the season. BUT, as long as you  are comfortable in what you are wearing the rest is just an EXTRA ;) . This playsuit is something else just look at the gold and amber beading details, isn't it beautiful? The embellishment make this playsuit very girly and glamours in some ways.
   Here is some more photos we took enjoy them.

I was wearing:

Playsuit from Riess
Fur Coat from Riess
Daffodil Shoes from Christian Louboutin
Bag from Fendi

I wish you all a lovely weekend

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