* Look of the day * Vintage Fur coat

Hello everyone, remember when I said that I just got a new vintage fur coat ,and I was looking for a dry-cleaners to have it clean because it stank of old store clothes? well, here it is. What do you thinks? Its my very first vintage fur coat. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the price of this beauty, I instantly feel in love with it and the bell shaped sleeves, that remained me a lot of the 40s/50s (even though I wasn't born on that era) just enough to stand-out off the crowd . I love over-knee hight boots I think it says something about you when you are wearing it like "I'M BAD" or something (ultra-ego perhaps)... you just become a different person, more daring you know what I mean? I hope you do. Also some people say that short women can not wear over-knee hight boots I strongly disagreed because not only does it gives you height by making the legs longer but sexy too and that's what all women are look for, something that is age appropriate, but yet sexy. Am I right ladies?  

Enjoy the rest of the photos ;)

I was wearing all black inside the fur coat.

I was wearing:

Fur Coat from Vintage
Dress from Aqua
Jacket from Topshop
Over-knee high boots from Christian Louboutin
Bag from Gucci
Scarf from Vintage 
Earrings from Swarovski 

Thanks guys 
Merry Christmas 

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