" Look of the day " I’m addicted to Glamour

Hello everyone, it not been so long since we last spoke :) but I must confess I have missed you...how have you been? Are we looking forward to the weekend? I know I am ;)
This is the look ,which I wore today.To be honest today it been the coldest day so far but no sign of snow yet (not that I'm complaining). There were clear blue skies and the sun actually came out not bad (good for  photographs) but, don't let this pictures fool you because it wasn't warm at all! And that's when I say thank God for this fur coat, its really warm and cosy perfect for times like this.
 Its a really simple outfit I think anyone can come up with something like it. But, the interesting thing is that I think it is not about the matching items I'm wearing but how I'm wearing them! If I were wearing shoes, for example: a classic peep toes, or pump it would look predictable (boring). I think we should avoid predictability! I like it when you leave people feeling unexpected (so choose the right accessories). And, last but not the least the fur coat, there is nothing better then a fur coat to glamorise the look I'm addicted to Glamour.
Excuse the extra photos on this post I can't help it!:) and wanted to share it all with you guys...I hope you like them as much as I did. lol

I was wearing:

Dress from Aqua by Aqua
Shoes by Christian Louboutin call Change of the Guard
Fur coat from Reiss
Bag by Mulberry 
Necklace by Lanvin
Sunglasses by THE ROW from Linda Farrow ( find here)

*Thanks for passing by guys and I wish you all a lovely weekend* 

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