" Look of the Day " Pastel Floral Prints Trousers

Greeting my fellow readers, after a snow storm it was about time that some abundance came :). I think I have already mentioned that I'm not a fan of flats, I'm been honest guys. When it is snowing I can't help but wearing flats. But, now that it's not going to snow (so far it looks like it won't) from today onwards the weather should look much better with the highest being 10C :) anyway.....

As for the look, we all now that prints are all over the the runways this season, but I know that not everyone is onto it mainly because of the boldness of the patterns. Perhaps if you go for something not as bold, sort of  like the trousers I'm wearing you will still be on trend and comfortable with what you are wearing (without trying too hard). Its just an idea because I still like the bold/vibrant floral prints but I know its not everyone's cup of tea. I decided to top the look with these sparkly Louboutin's- who said that sparkles can only be worn at night? Not with me! The only point of wearing sparkly things during the day is that when the sun light hits them ..... "Magic happens" making whatever sparkly piece you are wearing justice. NOW! Don't go mad about it, I suggest you wear a piece of  item only such: a skirt, a blouse or a clutch. In my case I went for the shoes. ;)

P.S: The photos are actually a little bit dark sorry about that.  

I was wearing:

Blazer from Zara
Tonic from Zara
Trousers from Reiss
Shoes By Christian Louboutin Pigalle
Bag by Hermes Birkin
Both Necklace from House of Fraser 
Spike bracelet from ASOS (find here
Bracelet by Kara Ross
Ring from Whistles
Chain ring by DKNY


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