" Scoops of sugar-whipped shades "

Photos by Jay
Happy Friday everyone, there is nothing better than a beautiful sunny day to put you in a good mood, isn't that right ladies? Right now I really want to make the most of these few summer days, because we already know that it won't last long. Therefore, I choose to wear something fresh and colourful/bold as per usual (lol), I personally think that when you are wearing what you feel comfortable/confident in the rest don't really matter, do you agree? I have opted to wear heels, but you can choose to wear flats, sandals for long walks (which I did later on) and ditch the jacket, and for a night out just add heels to glam things up- just like I did and a few sparkly accessories such as: long earrings and a clutch. I hope you enjoy the Olympics opening ceremony and have a happy bank holiday. 

 I was wearing:

Zara Dress and Blazer (try this) (try this)
Argento Necklace (try this)
Prada Sunglasses(here)
Hermes Birkin Bag(try this)
Christian Louboutin pigalle shoes 120 (try this)
Chanel Earrings (try this)

Thanks for passing by

Happy Weekend

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