" Before summer ends: One last time Pastels"

Photos by Jay
Happy friday everyone, have you ever bought a dress that at the time seemed to be a great decision but than after a few weeks you think "what I was thinking when I bought this dress?"or at the time you tried it on in the dressing room felt right, but when you got home not anymore! Yeah!!!!
This was my case and I didn't just bought one, I bought it in two different colours (here) but for some reason I'm more into the ocean-blue colour then this one, maybe because there two completely different colours, and the yellow pastel gives the dress a sense of extra- cuteness look than the ocean-blue. I wanted that extra-cutness to vanish from this look, and what's better than a studded denim jacket to add a harder and edgier look to this, but still keeping it chic and glamours (OH! I forgot perhaps a coloured leather jacket would do it too lol). Nevertheless, to complete the look I went for gold and pink pastel shaded accessories. 

I hope you enjoy it :) xx

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I was wearing:
Monsoon Dress (try this)
Zara Jacket (here)
Fendi Clutch (try this)
Mawi Earrings
Lanvin Bracelet and Necklace (try this)
Charlotte Olimpia Shoes (here)
Vivienne Westwood (long) ring (here)
Whistles Bow ring 

Thanks for passing by

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