"Tangerine and Prints"

 Photos by Heidi
Happy monday guys, I hope you had a great weekend fulfilled with laughter and joy. We are having several semi heat waves in England, and you guys will not believe this but over the weekend the heat reached 31C (in some places)
But for some reason I decided to be wear chinos :( which honestly I hated. I did not like the fact that I was melting to death. But, I think I knew deep down that it was going to be hot because I went out wearing no makeup at all (except lipstick just to add a touch of glamour), and I only do that when it is very hot or when I make a quick stop in town-  which was the case that day (lol).
Here are the rest of the photos my little sister took for me that day.

  Did you enjoyed the post? I hope you did.

I was wearing:
Zara Shirt
Topshop Trousers
Reiss Bag
Christian Louboutin pigalle 120
Oscar dela Renta Earring
Lanvin Bracelet 
YSL & Vivienne Westwood Rings (here & here)
Prada Sunglasses

I also went to get my nails done, and as you guys probably noticed, I like to keep it simple when it comes to my nail, but since I started to listen to Lana Del Rey's Music (I can't stop listening her songs) she inspired  me to do something new with my nails as I think she is very creative. I must admit that I am defiantly out of my comfort zone with this nail designs thing, but I believe it is good to try new things and not be scared to try different things. So, are you guys into trying new things as well? I want to hear it from you.

Thanks for passing by
Have a great start of the week

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