" Jumbo-size overcoat"

(Photos by Jay)
Hello everyone, so when I was in London I couldn't resist sneaking it into some of my favourite high-street shops just to see if I find anything I like and guess what? Voila!
I came across this vava voom out of this world design (it was magical), I couldn't believe it was H&M literally my jaw dropped in disbelief I even had to check it twice.
I know some of you will say "What on earth was she thinking?" Umm, what can I say! I love being unpredictable. You know how I love experimenting and trying new things right!? Well, right now I'm into maxi proportions and slouchy silhouettes (volume and boxy) and if you are perhaps looking for a Celine/Balenciaga inspired cuts it's worth having a look at this H&M Design Collection it's very fashion forward, clean lines silhouettes and structured (pure Architectural intervention this is). 

 I was wearing:

H&M Design Collection coat
Christian Louboutin pigalle 120 shoes (here)
Chanel jumbo bag
BHS Ankle highs

Thanks for passing by

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