" Bee JACKET "

Greetings my fellow readers, how has your week been so far? Isn't this jacket gorgeous? It's such a statement jacket? IF you are following me on Instagram/facebook/tweeter you have probably seen a glimps of this beauty when it arrived- and if your aren't following make sure you start.

I have kept it pretty simple this time with just a touch of red, which personally is one of my favourite colour combinations. But, I just can't wait to style it again next time, as this jacket is definitely one of my favourite pieces, in my closet at the moment. Oh! And, Virgos Lounge actually sent me a size M; which is a little bit big on me, but I have added shoulder pads under it- that did the trick. But, I still wish I had received it in a size 'S' instead. But Oh well...so if you are a size 8/10 like me (I know I seem bigger but thats because I'm 5 ft 1- I'm not tall) and you are planing to get it, get in a size S, as it will fit better. 

I was wearing:

Courtesy of Virgos Lounge Bee Jacket (Medium) (Here) Thank you guys
Zara leather Skirt (Small)
Christian Louboutin Pigalle spikes 120 (35/5{2/5) (Here in 100)
Alexander McQueen Clutch
Lanvin Necklace
YSL Ring
Chanel Earrings

Thanks for passing by

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